How We Teach

How We Teach NFP

We teach on-line through a method of virtual instruction and face-to-face classes. This has been called a “flipped classroom” style of teaching.

 We begin by giving new students a first exposure to course content on their own, before class, through activities such as readings or watching short lecture videos. Many of these are power-points which are followed by short-answer quizzes. Face-to-face instructions follow.

We supplement our teaching with weekly you-tube videos of those who have spoken  on the issue of NFP; such as Bishop Barron and the Jackie & Bobby series by Ascension Press

Our programs require no money investment. We do request an investment of time to learn the courses.

Our teachers are certified in one or more NFP methods. And we have the ability to refer to other methods for classes at special rates..

We are capable to teach the Billings science  of cervical mucus sensations. We do not agree to allow a student to learn how to chart her menstrual cycles unless she has a teacher teaching her.

We also have teachers who are qualified to teach other methods; as well as basal body temperature [BBT], LH Surge, and many hormonal monitors. We teach these “methods” by recordings.

We do not recommend other methods until the student understands the Billings science. Some of our students have learned Billings before contacting CWCNFP.

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