How We Teach

How We Teach NFP

We teach on-line through a method of virtual instruction and face-to-face classes. This has been called a “flipped classroom” style of teaching.


We begin by giving new students a first exposure to course content on their own, before class, through activities such as readings or watching short lecture videos. Many of these are power-points which are followed by short-answer quizzes. Face-to-face instructions follow. These instructions focus on charting of the woman’s menstrual cycle. The on-line chart is provided without charge for 4 months by a company providing this service. [After 4 months, the internet charting can continue for about $2.00 per month.


We supplement our teaching with weekly you-tube videos of those who have spoken on the issue of NFP; such as Bishop Barron and the Jackie & Bobby series by Ascension Press.


Our teachers are certified in the Billings Science.  We teach the Billings science of cervical mucus sensations and the rules for predicting and confirming ovulation and fertile and infertile days. We do not agree to allow our students to attempt to learn how to chart her menstrual cycles unless she assisted by a teacher educated in the Billings Science.

We also have teachers who can explain other methods. But we do not teach other methods. Some of these Other Methods are Basal Body Temperature [BBT], LH Surge, and many hormonal monitors. See also our power-points on these methods in Other Methods.

NFP Methods

CWCNFP is not a single method. We are not a business. We are a no-cost program and we do not bill for anything. If we refer you to MyCatholicDoctor because you have insurance, you will not be charged a co-pay. Furthermore, the MCD program has no limits of teaching sessions. Your eligibility for education and counselling may continue for years.  Be sure to ask us about these benefits.

CWCNFP teaches the Billings Ovulation method with in-person teachers on zoom or phone. C, LH surge and hormonal monitoring virtually for no-cost and, upon request, will refer to in-person teachers with modest charges payable directly to the teacher. CWCNFP does not charge for anything.

We do not supply thermometers, urine strips or hormonal monitors.

We do not compete with other firms that teach Fertility Awareness and NFP. Indeed, we recommend them.

We mention 5 here:

  • The Marquette Method uses a monitor for daily urine testing. 
  • The Creighton Method is a cervical mucus observation method.
  • The Couple-to-Couple League is temperature/observation method. 
  • FEMM is an observation/temperature/urine testing method 
  • Boston Cross Check is an observation/temperature/urine testing method. 

All of these and others are excellent programs. They have charges which are usually modest. 

Our Programs​

We usually start with teaching the Billings science, which focuses on determining fertile and Infertile days by cervical mucus sensations. This program consists of a first meeting with a Teacher and 3-4 follow-up sessions in which the teacher and student review the menstrual Cycle charting.

Married Couples

Eligible U.S. couples include those married in the Catholic Church; married in civil marriage; or living together in common –law marriage. The woman or man [or both] must be Catholic or enrolled in an RCIA program.

If either of the couple has health insurance which is acceptable by MyCatholicDoctor [MCD], the couple may request MCD teachers. No Co-Pay will be due for any MCD teaching or treatment for education of the risks and side-effects of contraceptives and their alternatives of FAB methods. There is no-cost for anything.

You will never have a co-pay. There is no-cost for anything.

Engaged Couples

Engaged couples have a date to be married in a parish of a U.S. diocese. If they, or a parent have health insurance approved by MCD, they will be considered by MCD teachers with no Co-Pay. If they do not have MCD approved insurance, they may request a scholarship by writing a short reason why they wish to study NFP and whether they plan to follow Church teaching when married. Scholarships are readily granted by CWCNFP. There is no-cost for anything.

You will never have a co-pay. There is no-cost for anything.

Adult Women

Eligible women must be 18 or over. If they have MCD approved health insurance, they may request teaching by MCD. Knowing NFP can positively impact a single woman’s health and dating relationships.

CWCNFP strongly recommends that Adult Catholic Women, who plan on marriage, learn the following; now:

  • The teaching and tradition of the Church of Jesus Christ;
  • The effectiveness and lack of risks of NFP
  • The high risks hormonal contraceptives including many diseases beginning with Breast Cancer and strokes and depression, high divorce rates, and suicide
  • How hormonal contraceptives act as abortifacients
  • The ineffectiveness of barrier methods
  • And most importantly, the JOY of living a virtuous life with your husband and, with God’s grace, your children.

You will never have a co-pay. There is no-cost for anything.

Adolescent Girls

CCNFP refers all adolescent teaching to MCD. Parental participation is required. Eligibility is dependent on approved MCD health insurance for no-charge and no Co-Pay. CWCNFP does not teach adolescents and does not grant scholarships. The Adolescent Program is designed and supervised by Dr. Kathleen Berchelmann, a board certified pediatrician. Dr. Kathleen is the Co-Founder and CEO of MyCatholicDoctor and mother of 7 children.

CWCNFP Teaching Flow Chart