Our Team

John E. Fitzgerald

Born in 1940. Graduated Villanova University 1961. Graduated Fordham School 1967. Founded the Fitzgerald & Fitzgerald Law Firm 1971. Married with 2 sons and 2 grand children with #3 due August 2023. Founded the St. Augustine Society in 1999

Estela Cordova

Estela is a wife and a mother of two teenage girls. She’s been a certified Billings Ovulation Method Instructor since 2006. She feels humble and blessed to be able to teach and help married couples live their sexuality according to God’s design. She also provides instruction through MyCatholicDoctor.

Martha Winn

Martha Winn, RN has been teaching the Billings Ovulation Method® since 2004. She is a Supervisor, Trainer, and chairperson of the BOMA -USA Education Committee. She is an Associate Director for WOOMB Int. She lives in Bowling Green, KY with husband, Earl. They have 4 children and 9 grandchildren. When not teaching, she enjoys hiking, reading, and sewing.

Susan Miller

Susan Miller has been a certified Billings Ovulation Method Instructor since 2010 and is passionate about making NFP more accessible. She also provides instruction through MyCatholicDoctor.​

Allie Irons

Allie is an Administrative Assistant reaching out to college campuses and young adult Catholic women to learn more about fertility awareness in preparation for Sacramental Marriage. She also makes intake phone calls to help connect women and couples with free NFP instruction. She is passionate about the beauty and goodness of natural family planning and feels blessed to be a part of an organization that is turning hearts and minds closer to God. She and her husband live in Kentucky with their daughter.

Sabrina Irons

Sabrina is our social media manager. She has a B.S. in Biology and is passionate about spreading the word about fertility awareness and Natural Family Planning.

Monica DeChent

Monica is our web designer and customer relations manager who helps create a seamless flow of communication between those interested in CWCNFP and our staff. She is grateful for the opportunity to use the talents that God has given her to help with such a great organization.

CWCNFP Advisors

Fr. McCaffrey

Father Daniel McCaffrey was ordained in 1958. A year later he departed for the Moslem country of Pakistan where he served for over eight years as a missionary. Father holds a Doctorate in Sacred Theology from the University of St. Thomas Aquinas (Angelicum) in Rome. In 1968, during the Vietnam Conflict Father joined the United States Army Chaplain Corps. During more than twenty years of active duty he served in Vietnam, Korea, Germany and Honduras, as well as numerous army installations throughout the United States. He is presently in the Marriage Apostolate where he has established successful Natural Family Planning programs on the diocesan and parish levels. Father is a priest of the Archdiocese of Oklahoma City.

Greg Berchelmann

Greg received his bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Amherst College in 1999. After graduation Greg obtained a Masters in Computer Science from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute while working as a software engineer in Hartford, Connecticut. Following a move to St. Louis, Missouri Greg spent 9 years working for Anheuser-Busch in the Marketing and Selling Systems division. In 2010 Greg left industry to form Birch Tree Consultants, a web technologies company focused on developing technology for the online mortgage lead generation industry. In 2018 Greg and his wife Kathleen founded MyCatholicDoctor, a nationwide telehealth company. Greg remains full time with MyCatholicDoctor managing operations, technology and finance. Greg and his wife Kathleen have 7 children and currently live in Connecticut.

Kathleen Berchelmann

Dr. Berchelmann is a pediatrician, wife, mother of seven, and co-founder of MyCatholicDoctor. She speaks nationally on vaccines derived from aborted fetal tissue, also known as human diploid cell line vaccines. She is board certified in Pediatrics and a member of the Catholic Medical Association. Kathleen and Greg Berchelmann live in Connecticut with their children.

Sue Ek

Sue Ek is Director of Communications for NFP Outreach and works remotely from St. Cloud, MN. She is Director Emerita of BOMA-USA and is a Consultant to their Education Committee. Sue worked for over 20 years for BOMA-USA in various capacities including Executive Director, Trainer and Supervisor.

Our Teachers

Alejandra Romo

Alejandra Romo is a Billings Ovulation Method™ instructor, wife, and mother to three children. She was introduced to Natural Family Planning for the first time with the profound truths presented in the Theology of the body by SJPII. This new awareness, inspire her to begin her training as a Billings instructor. Since 2013, she has been teaching Natural Family Planning (NFP) to couples preparing for marriage in her parish. Helping, teaching and accompany couples or women on their journey to understand their fertility, are some of her most rewarding services as an NFP educator.

Ana Gabriela Schmude

Ana Gabriela Schmude is a certified Billings Ovulation Method Instructor since 2011 and a provider of My Catholic Doctor. She teaches in both English and Spanish. Gabriela sees all ages and reproductive stages, including post-partum-breastfeeding, and peri-menopause. It has been a joy for her to be able to teach the BOM helping couples return to the graces of God in their Marriage and to be able to empower them to understand and manage their fertility naturally, respecting the gift of their marital love.

Courtney Wegman

Courtney is married and has a 6 month old daughter. Courtney previously worked in campus ministry and is passionate about the Catholic Church's mission of evangelization. She feels so blessed to work for CWCNFP so she can help women and married couples see the beauty of their fertility while they grow in love with each other and the Lord.

Crisel Mendez

Crisel has been married for 12 years. She met her husband in her home parish youth group in 2007. God has blessed them with 3 beautiful boys ages 11, 8 and 2. They have consecrated their family to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Crisel and her husband are working with other married couples in "Transformed in Love ''; it's a workshop through the Archdiocese of Boston that prepares couples to build a solid foundation in Jesus Christ preparing them for the sacrament of Marriage. Crisel works as a special education paraprofessional with students with severe special needs. She loves her job and she learns so much from it every day. These children are truly beautiful pure souls!

Blanca Mota

Blanca worked for over 25 years as an RN teaching clients how to manage their health and ways to prevent further problems. She loves to teach and was given an opportunity to become a natural family planning by her parish and chose the Billings Ovulation Method. She took the course in 2023.

Eileen Wood

Eileen Wood is a certified Billings Ovulation Method Instructor. She has been teaching NFP for 28 years and is the past President of the BOMA Board of Directors. She and her husband have 6 daughters and 8 grandchildren. They have their own business, FireLink, LLC, which specializes in fire forensics. In her spare time, Eileen runs the Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration Chapel at their parish in Tewksbury, MA.

Emily Kennedy

Your body is good. Emily Kennedy is a Canadian-trained registered holistic nutritionist and health coach who gained certification in the Billings Ovulation Method in 2018 after personal experience and formal training in other cervical mucus-only and sympto-thermal methods. She is currently serving as a volunteer BOMA-USA Board member and teaches cycle charting for an NFP-only restorative reproductive telemedical practice. Her favourite thing about teaching NFP is the moment her clients realize that the invisible can be made visible through the simple language of their body, a body created in the image and likeness of God. Whether you are postponing pregnancy, trying to conceive, or just wanting to understand how to be your best in your body, know that your body is good.

Flenje Oaferina

Flenje Oaferina is married, has one daughter, and has been teaching NFP since 2010. She specializes in helping couples postpartum. She enjoys teaching couples how to identify their natural signs of fertility and being God’s instrument in their learning of a natural way of planning their family. She especially likes assisting couples in achieving pregnancy and reassuring couples to persevere in this method as it is within God’s plan for their family. She is also a fertility coach assisting couples struggling with infertility through a program of nutrition and lifestyle changes to help them achieve pregnancy. She serves her parish by teaching catechism/faith formation for school grade children. As her full-time job, Flenje works as a physical therapist and completed her doctorate last year. She recently finished her teacher-in-training program and is now a Certified Billings Ovulation Method Teacher. She also provides instruction through MyCatholicDoctor.

Ferely Correa

Ferely Correa is a wife, mother, and proudly catholic. Currently she serves as an instructor of the Billings Ovulation Method, she is blessed to assist couples, committed to supporting and guiding them with dedication and love. She also provides instruction through MyCatholicDoctor.

Gervaci and Cecilia Medina

They were born in the land of the Inca: Peru. Both are Catholic. They will soon celebrate 23 years of marriage. They have 2 children together (17 and 21 years old) and 2 more children of Gervaci and first wife (deceased). Two beautiful granddaughters, 7 and 10 years old. They speak English and Spanish. Gervaci serves as a lector and Ceci as a Eucharistic Minister. Gervaci has a degree in business administration and Ceci in Education. The Medinas live in Anaheim, California. They’re involved in marriage preparation since 2005 in parishes of the Dioceses of Orange. They offer different sort of talks especially in the topics of Sexuality, Theology of the Body, and Natural Family Planning. They are certified Billings Ovulation Method Instructors since 2010 through BOMA-USA. Their favorite phrases are: “Billings: A natural option full of life” and “Live in harmony with the nature of your body”

Irma Roman

Irma loves the Billings Ovulation Method; she’s been using it and teaching in Spanish for over 10 years.

Iliana Chavez

Iliana was born in 1981. She’s a wife and a mother of 3 beautiful girls. She’s been a BOM teacher since 2021. Iliana loves sharing with other couples God’s design to married love.

Julie Hall

Julie Hall is a lifelong Catholic, who has enjoyed a 30-year marriage and all the blessings of cooperating with God's Will through the Billings' Ovulation Method. She has two adult children, one son-in-law, and three teens still at home. Julie is a BOMA-USA teacher in Practicum. She teaches Theology of the Body at her local parish, where she also gives NFP overviews to couples in marriage preparation and teaches interested couples to use the Billings' Method.

Judith Ramirez

Judith Ramirez was born in 1977, she’s been married for 29 years, has 6 children, and lives in Wake Forest, NC. She was a catechist for 12 years at her parish St. Catherine of Sienna and she’s currently an advocate for the Diocese of Raleigh Tribunal accompanying couples during the annulment process. She was a Symptothermal Method user for 4 years, but she switched to the Billings Ovulation Method 4 years ago which she finds it simpler to use.
Mi nombre es Judith Ramirez Evaristo y nací el 5 de febrero de 1977, casada por 29 años, tengo 6 hijos vivo en Wake Forest, NC. Pertenezco a la diócesis de Raleigh, NC en la cual ayudo en el tribunal de esta diócesis acompañando a las parejas para este proceso, fui catequista en nuestra parroquia santa Catherine de Sienna por 12 años, tengo 4 años utilizando el método natural Billings. Anteriormente 4 años utilizando el método sintotérmico me cambie a Billings por que se me hace más fácil de poder llevarlo.

Kim Cole

Kim Coles is married to her wonderful husband Chris; they have welcomed and raised 6 children together and they are now enjoying the grandparent phase as well. She is excited to assist couples in learning to understand their bodies natural indicators of fertility, using the Billings Ovulation Method®. She teaches and coaches couples to help them identify their phases of fertility and infertility. Whether wishing to achieve or avoid pregnancy couples will be coached on how to use their personal chart. Each couple is counseled to understand how to apply the Billings Ovulation Method® to their situation and how to use it to monitor their reproductive health. She has 26 years of experience teaching the Billings Ovulation Method® and working with women to understand their charts. She is certified as a teacher/trainer and currently serves on the Board of Education for the Billings Ovulation Method Association-USA. She also provides instruction through MyCatholicDoctor. She remains committed to the idea that this is “knowledge of her body that every woman ought to have” Dr. Lyn Billings

Adelina Cortes

Adelina Cortes is a Catholic woman, married 22 years ago and mother of three. She is a Catholic dedicated in her faith. She enjoys sharing her knowledge of the faith, which includes teaching NFP. She and her husband have used the Billings Ovulation Method since the beginning of their marriage. Later, she decided to get certified in order to help other couples see the beauty of planning a family using what God has given us. NFP has been a true blessing for Adelina and her family. As a pro-life Catholic, it makes her so happy to be able to help couples discover how terrible it is to use contraceptives and how beneficial it is to use Natural Family Planning, such as the Billings Ovulation Method. Adelina strongly believes that every Catholic should know and understand that contraceptives are against the pro-life teachings of the Church, and that every woman should get to know her body, this way we come to know even more the great love that God has for his creation.

Lydia Seltzer

Lydia Seltzer has enjoyed being a Billings Ovulation Method Instructor since 2014. She has been blessed with 27 years of marriage to her husband, Matthew. Together they are raising their 5 children and serving in different ministries in their parish.

Leiri Bocanegra

Leiri Bocanegra was born in Puerto Rico but now resides in Massachusetts with her Husband and four children. Leiri and her husband met in their parish youth group, “Agape,” and have been serving together ever since! You can usually find them singing together at church events and retreats! Leiri works as the Coordinator of Outreach and Evangelization for St. Mary’s Parish in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She also has a nursing background in both Geriatrics and Pediatrics. She has been a member of the Holy Family Institute for six years and enjoys Family Ministry. Her biggest accomplishment has been becoming a mother. She enjoys being able to use social platforms to help other Catholic mothers connect and assist one another through the wonderful vocation of motherhood! She feels very blessed to be able to help couples learn the natural method of Family Planning.

Dr. Maria Girault

Dr. Maria Ines Girault is a graduate of the Anahuac University in Mexico City. In 1986 the World Organization of the Ovulation Method Billings certified her as a Natural Family Planning instructor. She worked closely with the John and Evelyn Billings. On 2020 she re-certified herself with BOMA USA. Dr. Girault has lecture seminars and conferences in Mexico as well as in International countries. She participated in the study and training of the Ovulation Method Billing in China 1989. From 2017 to the present, she works at the Anahuac University as Graduate Program Coordinator for the School of Bioethics. She is also a professor in the master teaching Bioethics, Sexuality and Human Reproduction. Through her medical career she has continuously taught NFP to many couples. She is currently teaching in her hometown parish in Cumming GA.

Rosario Solis

Rosario has been teaching the Billings Ovulation Method since 1999. She feels blessed to be part of the NFP family and to be able to share her knowledge with others. She lives in Florida with her husband, they have 6 adult children and 3 granddaughters.

Rachel Ross

Rachel is a certified instructor in the Billings Ovulation Method. She is passionate about informing women about the beauty of knowing their fertility. She is also blessed to be a part of the CWCNFP team and their mission to make NFP accessible to women and couples for the glory of God. Rachel is also involved with the One in Christ marriage retreat and Together in Holiness family formation program with her husband in Indiana.

Roni Mudd

Roni Mudd received her Billings Ovulation Method certification in 2023. After much prayer, study, and introspection, she converted to Catholicism Easter 2003. Roni and her husband, Kevin, have three adult children; Megan, Gabriel, and Lydia. After the birth of their youngest daughter, in 2002, Roni and Kevin decided to attend classes and adopted the Billings Ovulation Method - as part of their marriage covenant. Roni is passionate about helping other women and couples in the wholesome process and benefits of this method.

Sharon Pierce

Sharon has served as the CEO of Silent Voices - a Pregnancy Care Clinic - since 1984. It was during the early days of the ministry that she learned about Natural Family Planning. At the same time she was discovering that many forms of birth control can actually cause an early abortion by preventing the developing baby from implanting. Becoming involved in Natural Family Planning came as a natural extension of her pro-life work. She enjoys teaching women/couples about the beauty of NFP, and as a way to honor God as they give up trying to “control” their sexuality, as well as sharing with them the blessings that come to a marriage when NFP is practiced. Sharon has been a certified instructor since 2005, and has been teaching the authentic Billings Ovulation Method since 2008. Sharon currently serves on the BOMA-USA Board of Directors.

Jennifer Holman

Jennifer is a certified Billings Ovulation Method teacher with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. She is a wife of 28 years and a mom to 7 children. Jennifer’s passion is to empower women of all ages by understanding their beauty and worth in Christ. Her goal is to reach women everywhere and share this knowledge that they deserve to have. Sharing the scientifically supported method is a powerful tool for couples to truly see the beauty of God’s design in fertility, and the choices He has given, as they grow in love with one another. Jennifer feels so thankful for the opportunity to be an instrument the Lord would use in helping women and couples understand the natural path to planning their family. She has taught couples wishing to achieve pregnancy, post-pone pregnancy, as well as women wishing to monitor her reproductive health. It is simple. It is easy. It is a gift!

Vicky Braun

Vicki Braun was certified and has taught NFP for over 40 years in both the sympto-thermal method of NFP through the Couple to Couple League and the authentic Billings Ovulation Method (a mucus only method). She has encountered many different NFP charts over the years and has learned much from them so she can assist other couples in learning fertility awareness. Her passion is understanding a woman’s fertility patterns—whether they are considered fertile or infertile, and teaching this scientific information to couples who wish to practice NFP in their marriages. She also provides instruction through MyCatholicDoctor.

Elizabeth Hoffman

Elizabeth is a Registered Nurse and certified Billings Ovulation Method Instructor. She currently works in clinical research for adults with Type I Diabetes and previously cared for patients in the fields of Gynecology and Hepatology. She has a passion to make NFP instruction more readily accessible to adults, especially college students and young adults, so that the truth of God’s loving design for our lives can transform our hearts and society. Elizabeth teaches NFP and adult catechesis at her parish in St. Louis, MO.

Yesenia Williams

Yesenia is a proud Catholic, wife to her wonderful husband of 8 years, and mother to 3 beautiful children. She has always loved the truth, goodness, and beauty of how perfect God created the woman's body. Her love first started when learning about Saint Pope John Paul the II's Theology of the Body, then grew after exclusively breastfeeding, and was topped off after experiencing peaceful births. She is a Billings Ovulation Method Instructor, teaches in both English and Spanish, and also takes intake calls for CWCNFP. She loves being able to educate women and couples to help them live out their lives as God intended and to be in His grace. A quote she loves is "The knowledge of her body that every woman ought to have and every man can learn".